Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A trip to NYC

I took Monday off to go to the city. On the list:

1. To spend an awesome time with my bestie Lauren
2. First Wedding Gown appointment!!
3. Visit ETSY Headquarters

Here's Lauren!!..she's so much fun
Walking through Times Square
Arriving to AnnLum Red

My first Wedding Gown appointment was awesome! I got to meet with Anna (the designer!) she was sweet, friendly and very helpful sharing her ideas about the overall look!  
Can't wait to see the dress :)

Visit her website AnnLum Red for some serious eye candy
She also has an Etsy shop 

 After that we wanted to get some sushi...but couldn't find any good place...instead we enjoyed some great Chinese food...Yum!

On our way to find Etsy!

We stopped at Sanrio... I was really surprised that they weren't celebrating Hello Kitty's birthday (Nov.1st), but they told us that because of Halloween weekend, they decided to move it to the next weekend :(

We hang around for a good hr...loved it anyways :)

Then we stopped at the next door bakery...only for a water bottle!
and some eye candy!

We took the subway to Brooklyn...walk a few blocks and then you see this beautiful landscape
That's Lauren again!
and that's me!

Cold...but happy!!

We were literally across the street from Etsy at this point...but we still went and look for it for a good 20 mins.

I still can't believe we didn't see it!...to our defense...the building is not screaming ETSY at any point...it is just a normal building people!
Here we're walking into the building (it's under construction...maybe that's why we didn't see it! )
YAY!!! we made it :)

The atmosphere was so relaxed and inviting, that it was not in our plans, but we stayed and crafted some goodies!!

That's me ironing away my jewelry piece
Here's my hand crafted jewelry piece... I embossed an elephant image in this cooper medallion. I made it for my fiance, he loves elephants, the piece is a bit big for carrying around his neck, so I decided to make it a key chain!

Here's some shots of Etsy... I will seriously love to work there...
They get to play pin-pon and they have a DJ station...

it was fun :)



Paul said...

Those pictures look great. I wish I was there with you, too. :-(

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