Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Crafty Tuesday: Lego Cufflinks

  Look what you can create with things you have around the house!! All guys need cufflinks at least once....he will love them even more if they're this fun!!

2 Lego bricks in the color of your choice
2 cufflink backs
quick-bonding glue 

1. Apply glue to the round pad on the cufflink. Tip: Quick-bonding glue is a little tricky to work with as it adheres instantly, so use care when applying and avoid getting it on your fingers or any other surfaces — once dried, it is very difficult to remove. 

2. Holding the cufflink back carefully so as not to drip any glue, press the bottom of the Lego brick onto the pad being sure to line up the circle in the base of the brick with the pad.
3. Press and hold the Lego brick to the cufflink back until the glue begins to set up and the brick is positioned where you wish it to remain once the glue has dried. 

4. Set the first cufflink aside and repeat steps one through three with the second cufflink. Set both cufflinks aside for at least 24 hours to allow the glue to thoroughly dry.
5. After 24 hours, gently test the cufflink by wiggling the back against the brick. If the glue has set up properly, it should not move at all. If the back does come away from the brick, reapply glue to the pad and reaffix the cufflink to the brick. Again, allow 24 hours for the glue to fully harden.  

Tip: The possibilities for out-of-the-ordinary accessories are nearly endless. Other fun cufflink options are guitar picks, vintage dice or Scrabble tiles. 

Be creative.Have fun!!



rachel atwell said...

where do you go to buy cufflink backs?

Breelyn Mehrtens said...

Just about any fabric store should have them.

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