Thursday, February 23, 2012

Laduree & Georgetown Cupcakes {Soho}

Last week we had to go on a mini business trip to the city...then I thought to myself that it was the perfect opportunity to drag my hubby with me to Laduree {the most perfect french macaron shop in the world!}, this was going to be a quick trip, but I happened to see that my beloved Georgetown cupcakery finally opened the saturday before in Soho! {seriously, this was meant to be lol}

So gave my hubby the "itinerary"... he seemed not too thrilled about it {because last week we had a pretty busy schedule! you know the type of schedule that will not allow me "to be hunting mini sweets in the city" he said, which I replied "don't worry darling we will make it happen!" and be back on time lol} Honestly don't you hate it when hubby "doesn't get it!" off we go! Early train that I almost lost because I forgot my camera lol and made the hubby run back to the house, oops! sorry!. Once in the train you can totally see my hubby was not liking it already while I was sporting the biggest♥brightest smile evaaa!. I wanted him to have a good time with me in the city and also "to finally get it!" lol

So we took care of our business meeting and right after that our first stop was Laduree

 waiting in line, I was very happy there was no line outside and the weather was perfect!
I got my first pink beautiful rose box! filled with delicious macarons of course!

from left to right: rose petal, raspberry, pistachio, coffee, milk chocolate and lemon.
My favorite was a tie between raspberry and pistachio! but really all of them tasted amazing :D

and we also got 2 extras to have them on the go...
grapefruit and vanilla {my hubby's favorite}

Now we were on our way to Georgetown Cupcakes! {We were expecting to be waiting outside in line because we knew it was recently opened, but were hoping that because it was a week day during school hours that people were busy doing their business and not in our way! lol} ...And we were indeed right! there was no line outside, busy inside but we didn't have to wait for too long, it was everything I expected to be fun, pretty, the best staff ever, amazingly tasty {believe me I know a good cupcake when I bite into it, I bake for a living duh!} 

We got 6 to sample and 2 freebies! Yay!

From top left: Black and white cookie {my hubby's favorite}, strawberry {my favorite}, cookies and cream, chocolate with whipped ganache, lemon berry and birthday cake and our freebies were chocolate peanut butter with peanut butter ganache swirl...
 To be honest they all tasted pretty amazing and we can't wait to be back! YES!! I said "we" my hubby was having a blast, he loved everything {I'm not lying lol} specially when Andre from Georgetown tv show came out of nowhere and started talking to us!, we're such big fans and know all the work that requires to make such pretty and delicious pieces of cake...he was fun and cool and I was able to see a mini bromance happening  right in front of my eyes when the hubby was telling him how he was pushed into going but he was so happy he did! Andre's replied to that: Yeah! I feel you man, lots of guys go through that lol...ppfff right in front of me. {Whatever dude!lol} We loved him :) He was so down to earth.
{oh and btw they also have their own baking cups! could they be any cuter?}
And that was pretty much our "Valentine's Day" in the city last week...and just in case that wasn't enough...our on way to find a taxi just around the corner we bumped into this dude that seemed kind of in a rush on his gym gear {maybe he was running}, then a mini awkward moment happened the 3 of us starting at each other like, ok who's going first then! the guy finally made his way between the two of we we stood there starstrucked! Guys it was our beloved Jonah Hill!...It was so embarrassing..just a mini "hi" came out my mouth after my mean face for crushing us lol...and me with no camera in hand anymore carrying only our goodies...stood there just to see him go, and that's when my hubby said that even though he couldn't get a pick with him that really made his day! 
We love all of his movies {specially Moneyball}...what can I say, it was certainly the best Valentine's evaaa!

And mission accomplished the hubby "DOES GET IT" now!

{Thanks for reading! I know it's quite long, but hope you enjoyed it}

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Party: Oscar's Red Carpet Party Ideas

The Academy Award ceremony is only 10 days away!! Which it's enough time to put everything together for an awesome viewing party with your movie friends.

Have a table set with Oscar's nominee movies inspired desserts and drinks and you'll be set for a fun night!

Send an invite, via email it actually counts! it will get to your guests earlier than sending it through regular mail ;)

Invitation via

Have a fancy cocktail awaiting for your guests!

Don't forget to have fancy finger this amazing Artichoke Baked Potato Bites
everyone loves finger food :D
get the recipe here

On your sweet's table have Hollywood theme cupcakes

Dress your popcorn up!

via HWTM

Create your own OSCAR BINGO cards!

and if chocolate is your favorite sweet...have our adorable Oscar statuette lollipops! Perfect to celebrate your favorite movie and starts!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Weddings: Groom Cakes

Are you thinking about surprising your groom with his very own cake on your wedding day!...It's so trendy right now...specially when the cake looks like their favorite video game! lol

I actually think it's a fun idea...specially if you don't share the same taste in cake {like my hubby and me}
Check out this really fun Video Game inspired cakes and be a super cool Bride!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday Parties: Cupid's Post Office

How sweet is this idea...a Cupid's Post Office party for Valentine's Day?! Really!!... Love it ;)

I came across this pretty party while reading one of the international blogs (in Spanish) as you can see this talented graphic designer from Wants and Wishes is feeling the love all over the place...and how could you resist such fun and whimsy collection!

oh! BTW you can still get this printables on this
Etsy shop Wants and Wishes


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday Parties: Super Bowl 2012

We are all going to be watching at least some portion of the Super Bowl, maybe you're like me {I'm in for the fun commercials!} while my hubby is in for the whole thing lol {that's commitment} and of course we all want to see this year's half time with Madonna!

Here are a few ideas that I love, that won't take your whole day away and can still have a fun Super Bowl theme vibe to it! So easy...even the hubby can put them together this Sunday!

 Get some balloons in your team's colors! - Makes the room more festive!
Make a Chilli Bar! {yum!} and place the toppings and snack in the same table, near the TV in coordinating plates!
 Make sure everyone labels their drinks!
Make easy to carry snacks!like this bean and guacamole dip

 and of course have some sweets too, cookies and cupcakes are always fun...theme sweets can be found just about everywhere these days!


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