Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday Party: A First Birthday Party with Vintage Tricycles and Kites

I love when I see soft colors and vintage themes..."Tricycles and Kites" is a perfect idea if you are a vintage and you're looking for some inspiration for celebrating your little one with style!

This party was created to celebrate little Max, Sarah (his mom) used soft blues and browns to add to the vintage flair...and accented details throughout the party with natural twine and brown paper bags, materials that are easy to find, inexpensive and gives a very classy feel, so you can create this on your own too!

Get inspired with the pictures of this beautiful 1st Birthday Party, this will work perfect for a little girl too...Check more details at Catch My Party

Beautiful pictures...right?

I love how she presented the party favors, hanging from a baby cloth hanger...a really sweet touch!


1. Don't forget that the invite is a very important part of your celebration, with this you're letting you're guests know that this will be fun and won't want to miss the eye candy! So a coordinated invite will be perfect!

2. Before picking your color scheme, check what you already have at home, statement pieces will help create a more put together look! ex: if you have a yellow tray and a beautiful blue linen...go for them! you can always find paper goods to fit just about any color scheme these days :)

3. Saving with style...Just like Sarah used paper brown bags and tied with natural twine for a really chic look...if you want it to look more modern, just use a fun polka dot ribbon, you will get the same effect!




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