Friday, October 23, 2009

Papel Picado

I still remember how in kinder Garden (Mexico) you make a ton of this you can have it all beautifully personalized... love it!!!

find it here:


My Favorite Mexican inspired of all you can find them on

I love Hello Kitty, and when I saw this I went crazy :)
find it here:

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall//Thanksgiving *Every order counts, from October20th to Nov15th has an opportunity to win my "Fall Cookies Gift"
Good Luck*Buena Suerte*Bonne Chance

Dia del Muerto cookies Winner

******Giveaway Winner******
I'm happy to announce the winner of my 1st Giveaway!
Mike Sims, he has an Etsy shop too!
You must visit it! it's amazing art :)
Congrats!!!!!! Felicidades!!! Felicitations!!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary

I'm a Hello Kitty lover since I remember :) and this Nov. 1st it's her 35th Anniversary celebration...I'm sure it brings a smile on everybody :)


Fall is def here!!! at least in NJ you can feel it and see it all over the place, the leaves are already falling and turning into beautiful colors!

Halloween cookie favors

I made these cookies for my shop in bright colors, and because I love the way cookies looks with sugar crystals on them!

Dia del Muerto

These beautiful Dia del Muerto cookies where inspired by a mexican tradition, that I think it's getting stronger these days I found out that lots of brides want them on their weddings!!! go Mexico :)

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