Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Meeting Bakerella!

Last Saturday I woke up so excited because I was going to Bakerella's Book signing... I even baked some cupcakes for her the night before...

 With cute mini cake pops made out of fondant on top :) her signature pop!

So we arrived to Williams-Sonoma and they were baking pumpkin treats for the people coming to the signing, she was on time!. We met her mom first...can I tell you...she was soooo much fun (really people around me will not let me lie) she was talking to us about how was the last city they visited and the things that she liked...just very sweet!

Then...there she was...and we were all excited :)   she was so warm and excited to see us all, how cool is that...you can tell she was genuinely touched seeing people calling her name.

She took time to answer some of the questions we all had...for example, did you know why she named her blog Bakerella?  She said that she was looking for something short and easy to remember when she first opened her Flicker account, back in the day when she was trying to caught "Cupcakes Take the Cake blog" attention (and oh boy she did!)...at first she thought about Jane Fondant! and almost picked that one... but then "Barbarella" the movie came to her mind and came up with Bakerella...genius! I love it...sounds so much fun...I must confess that I used to think is was related to "Cinderella" LOL silly me.

The Signing...

This part was the best part for me... I was so thrilled that she loved the cupcakes I made for her, then the unexpected happened...she started tearing up, then I started...then some big tears came from my eyes...what was wrong with me (LOL) then she was like, don't cry I'm going to cry!...then I was like "I'm so happy for you!!"...and blah blah blah...'til this moment I don't know why, but I think it was just out of happiness?? that someone with such creative mind and skills will be appreciating my work!

Love you Bakerella!

Here I'm trying to cover up :( so no one can see my red teary face!

This was my first book signing experience and don't think I will be able to top it! Angie was the best :) 

I became a fan forever!!

Can't wait to see what she comes up with next...stay tuned to her lovely blog Bakerella



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