Monday, November 15, 2010

Inspiration Board: Thanksgiving Royal

Hello there!

I wanted to share this Inspiration Board I created for Lisa (one of my local clients). She is having her In-Laws coming from out of town for Thanksgiving, so she wanted to make something special ...something better than just going out for lunch to a restaurant. 

Theme: Thanksgiving Royal
Colors: Oranges, Royal Blue and Gold accents
Place/Venue: Home-Dinning Room
Decor: Welcome wreath on the door made with orange flowers and gold ribbons, "Fall" banner hanging by the chimney or one of the walls in the Dinning Room, dress your table with a white linen, this will allow your vibrant colors to shine!...Place orange flowers in glass vases as a centerpiece (no water needed, to avoid messy spills) this looks great and adds sophistication to any table. Use vintage china in Royal Blue, place a napkin on top of each setting with each of your guest's name; add your guests name with a handmade tag, you can easily make this using vintage stamps (just like on the picture). Decorate the area around the table with aromatic candles in shades of gold. 
Food: Traditional Turkey made with family recipe, Honey Smoked Ham garnish with mini orange in a gold or glass tray. Serve your stuffing in individual mini bowls and decorate them with fall leaves made out of pie crust using cookie cutters. Don't forget the gravy, place it in a glass mini jar, guests will love how easy is to pour it on top of their plate! ...Cranberry Jelly Cake? put your cranberry jelly into a jell-o mold, cool it or freeze it and take it out of the mold and hr. before serving it, it will look beautiful in a mini cake tray!
Present your drinks with style in a carved pumpkin, holds the ice and keeps the drinks cold, you can also use dry ice inside or dry ice packs.
Serve your hot tea on a beautiful gold teapot. Have a signature drink or cocktail in blue.
Desserts: Pumpkin spice cupcakes, use royal blue baking cups and frost them with orange butter cream.
Have a tray with yummy and cute blue macaroons and add some orange candy in clear jars for your guests to have with hot cocoa or hot tea.

You like this?...start your shopping and plan ahead, it's always better when you start your baking and decoration at least 2 days before your party!





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