Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Crafty Tuesday: Valentine's Day Bag toppers

Hi!! A Free printable for you this week, cute bag toppers for you to dress your candy this Valentine's Day


What you need: *Printable bag toppers*scissors*stapler*cello bags*white paper or card stock*

What to do: Write a post sharing how are you going to use your bag toppers in my blog*you will receive my free printable within 24hrs.*print your bag toppers template*cut each topper*feel you bag with your Valentine's sweets and staple the bag toppers!! Super easy :)

Look how cute they look!! Happy Valentine's week

**This and all of the free giveaways/templates/printables giving in this blog are for personal use only**


Angela Dew said...

I would like to use the bag toppers to top heart bags filled with heart crayons that my 4 year old and I made last week.

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