Thursday, January 20, 2011

NYC: Martha Stewart Dreamers Into Doers Event Part 2

I'm back! from the DID Event... In one word it was "Inspiring" 

I loved Martha Stewart's Headquarters! I mean who wouldn't?, I loved the great people I met and I was able to connect with other party and dessert girls. We had a series of workshops where we learned tips about what works best for your personal and business success!

I def recommend to join this online community, specially if you're planning on making one of your dreams of having your own business come true.

The second day unfortunately I wasn't able to make it :( , I'm still sad about it, but I think it was the best decision...the weather was awful (a combination of snow and rain) so I took the train and walk a bit when in the city and when coming back to the train station, that got me so sick. I had a very serious case of fever and sore throat almost immediately! my voice was it was scary, and that's why I decided to stay home and miss the taping of the show :( and other 2 workshops. Today I'm feeling a bit better, but I don't think I would've make it in the city, the weather is just mean!

That's me with beautiful Kim from the TomKat Studio
and that's me with Courtney from Pizzazzerie!
Danielle Lexo from
and last but not least...Martha! she looked amazing :) we were all happy to see her and thankful of course, how nice from her and her team to have us over and share their great secrets!

I loved all of the experts and the delicious mini treats we were given at the cocktail party!
oh! and yes they even treat us to some mini makeovers!

Can't wait for next year!


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