Monday, March 22, 2010

What's on your plate? ... Spring Rolls

I'm so happy to share with you this recipe I found!! There's no way you'll mess it up :) One of my favorite food to eat Spring Rolls !!!
(Vietnamese spring rolls is called "Cha giĆ²" and it's a traditional Vietnamese food. It literally means minced pork roll)

 Ingredients for spring rolls (24 spring rolls; 2 to 4 servings): *ground pork (1 lbs. or 450 g) *1/2 to 1 carrot *1/2 onion *1/2 potato *1/8 cup dried black mushrooms *1/8 cup vermicelli thread *24 square spring roll pastry (6" square) *1/3 teaspoon sugar *1/3 teaspoon salt *1/3 teaspoon pepper *lettuce 

Ingredients for fish sauce (optional): *1/8 cup vinegar * 1/4 cup sugar *1/2 cup water *1/8 cup of fish sauce

What to do: 
Preparation stage 30 min before starting the spring rolls recipe: (1) soak the dried black mushrooms and vermicelli thread in a small bowl of water; (2) leave the square spring roll pastry package at room temperature; (3) leave the ground pork in a large bowl at room temperature to unthaw; (4) peel the carrot and potato.
Part 1 (20 min)
Drain the water from the black mushrooms and vermicelli threads. With a pair of scissors, cut the black mushrooms (1) and the vermicelli thread (2) to smaller pieces. Dice the onions (3), carrot (4), and potato (5). Make sure you have all the ingredients (ground pork, black mushrooms, vermicelli thread, onion, carrot and potato) (6). Add all those ingredients in the bowl with ground pork (7). Add the sugar, salt and pepper (8). Mix everything together with a spoon or your hands (9). 

Part 2 (20 min)
This is how you wrap the spring rolls. First, pull out gently one square pastry (1). Put the square pastry in a plate so it looks like a diamond shape (with a corner pointing up (north), a corner pointing down (south), one pointing left (west) and the other pointing right (east)) (2). Add 1/2 to 1 tablespoon of the ground pork mixture in the center (3). Use your hands to elongate the ground pork mixture (4). Fold the south corner over the ground pork (5). Fold the right corner over (6), and then the left corner over (7). Roll the spring roll to the north corner (8). Repeat this for the rest of the square pastries (9). 

Part 3 (20 min)
This part shows you how my mom deep fries the spring rolls in a pan. However, if you have a deep fryer, you could deep fry it for 5 to 10 min (or until golden) at 350 F. Turn the stove heat between medium and high (1). Add a generous amount of oil to a deep frying pan (2). After the oil is warmed (about 5 min), add the spring rolls to the pan (3). Cook them for about 3 to 5 min and then turn them over so both sides become golden (4). Once both sides are golden, transfer them to a strainer to drain the excess oil (5). Put them on some paper towel to drain further excess oil (6).

Optional step for spring rolls recipe: The spring rolls can be eaten by themselves, dipped in plum sauce or Vietnamese fish sauce.  Vietnamese fish sauce. Add 1/8 cup vinegar, 1/4 cup sugar, 1/2 cup water and 1/8 cup of fish sauce in a bowl and mix everything together. 


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