Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Crafty Tuesday: Confetti Eggs

I had a party with a Family Guy theme and made these Confetti Eggs, it's a very old Mexican tradition that my mom used to make for us every pinata party! Try it for your next birthday party, they're so much fun :)

Materials: *empty egg shells (as many as you want)*glue*toothpicks*tissue paper(any color to match your event)*confetti*

What to do: *Once you have a good amount of empty egg shells, set a building line with the other materials*take each egg shell and fill it with confetti*add glue to the top edges helping yourself with a toothpick*paste the tissue paper to the top that will act as a lid*

And that's it!! You can add stickers or draw faces, paint them...lots of things. This was the best thing to do try to hunt your friends and break them on each others head :)


*Be Aware of the cleaning*


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