Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Giveaway!!!!

Is time for March Giveaway!!! 

Spring is almost here, enjoy these cute bunnies plus a Gift Certificate with $15.00 to buy anything you want from FunFavors shop

How to win? Just leave a post telling me where is the best place to hide an Easter Egg!!!
Remember you must be a FunFavors fan on Facebook, Twitter or Etsy shop :)

Winner will be announce tomorrow Tuesday Night!!

*Good Luck*Buena Suerte*Bonne Chance*

You can buy these Easter Hunt Gifts for your friends!! now FunFavors



cindy said...

hmmm...the best i would say is in a plant or flower arrangement...

great giveaway! :)


cindy said...

also a fan on etsy btw...twasthebrillig79

PACountry said...

I like to hide them in a tree. I have a picture of my son looking very arrogant because he thought he got them all, but there was one right behind him in the tree!

Going to heart your shop!

Sampler Village said...

Ah, PACountry took my spot :)
I was going to say in the "Y" of a tree, but I will now say in the downspout opening of your gutters (do you know what I mean)? I am trying to remember when I was kid and where my Pop used to hide the eggs, ah memories!

Senora Muertos said...

mailboxes. the kids always look there, but it takes them awhile to remember to look there

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