Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Favorite Etsy Shop

Featuring bolts and bots

Hi there!...Check this very creative shop full of talented people...learn a little bit more about Jennifer and Tony !!

*Why did you open your Etsy shop? 
bolts & bots is a collaboration between myself, Jennifer, and my fiance, Tony. We opened our shop just a year ago so we could have a space completely dedicated to our bots. They truly have a style all their own, so we wanted a place where we could showcase them.
*What's your best seller? 
Since each bot is unique, we really don't have one particular design that does better than the others. But we do create robots that parody popular culture and those seem to draw the most attention.
*What makes it a great buy?
Whether it's by watching a film, listening to your favorite musician, or just flipping through channels on the television, we all need an escape from the ordinary. That's why we believe our pop culture bots do the best. Whether we'd like to admit it or not, we all have connections to characters from pop culture. So when people come to our shop and see their favorite character in a metallic form, it truly catches them off guard and makes them laugh. Plus they're so cute! Who could resist?
*My Pick*
It was very hard...I think I could stare at 5 of them for hrs. heheh but this hangover bot def makes me laugh, just brought me back to the movie again!

Visit their shop, there are way more characters on display... 

This will be a great gift for yourself or one of your friends!! 
Look at this cute Stewie Griffin bot, go shop now



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