Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Big Bang Theory Cake and Cookies!

Hello sweets!

Do you know someone that loves The Big Bang Theory?..I do! my dear father in law just loves it :)

And really, who can resist Sheldon lovely awkwardness!! LOL
Anyways...this past weekend we had a dinner to celebrate my father in law's RETIREMENT!! 

I seriously do not know anyone more deserving of a sweet break, he's so kind and always helping everyone...one of those guys that puts everyone before himself! 

So I wanted to make him something to celebrate hi retirement and since he never wants me to work "extra" for him lol...I made a little reseacrh and that's when I found out he's a big fan of The Big Bang Theory guys!...so cake and cookies it was ;)

I made a retro TV cake...duh! we all know retired people become TV junkies lol!
Chinese take out cookies!
{Take out food it's a big part of this TV show}
We wish you the best Retirement ever Dad Heinrich!!


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