Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Party: Valentine's Day Ideas

How excited are you!? Valentine's Day is coming up...the perfect excuse to get together with your sweet friends, give candy {eat candy!}, and everything sweet ...let's not forget about making something special for your beau! ;)

Here are our TOP 5 PICKS for Valentine's parties, celebrating a deux or gifting this February 14th!

{in no specific order}

SWEET VALENTINES DAY Party Invitation - Valentines Day Printables by Anderuff

Valentines Day I Heart You Printable Party Posters - Fresh Chick Design Studio

 Light Of My Life PRINTABLE Valentine Card by Love The Day

Valentines Day PRINTABLE sheet by DigiMyWorld

DIY Mod Valentines Day Party PRINTABLE Deluxe Package Pink red grey hearts chevron- Cupcake Express





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