Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday Parties: Super Bowl 2012

We are all going to be watching at least some portion of the Super Bowl, maybe you're like me {I'm in for the fun commercials!} while my hubby is in for the whole thing lol {that's commitment} and of course we all want to see this year's half time with Madonna!

Here are a few ideas that I love, that won't take your whole day away and can still have a fun Super Bowl theme vibe to it! So easy...even the hubby can put them together this Sunday!

 Get some balloons in your team's colors! - Makes the room more festive!
Make a Chilli Bar! {yum!} and place the toppings and snack in the same table, near the TV in coordinating plates!
 Make sure everyone labels their drinks!
Make easy to carry snacks!like this bean and guacamole dip

 and of course have some sweets too, cookies and cupcakes are always fun...theme sweets can be found just about everywhere these days!


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