Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thrusday Party: Trash Party

This birthday party is awesome!...Thumps up to the parents of this 2 year old, this theme is hilarious! 

You're prob thinking...a "TrAsH" theme party for a 2 year old? not so nice...but what do you do when your 2 year old is obsessing with everything TrAsH!? well these parents created a great and creative one of a kind party!...check it out:

TrAsH Bday banner LOL...cute!
The cookie favors inside the TrAsH can!!
Look at mom and dad all into the theme! Love it :)

For more details and pictures visit this creative mom's blog Cakes Likes a Party



Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Just noticed that you shared this and THANK YOU SO MUCH! So nice of you!

FunFavors said...

Not a problem ;) I absolutely loved it...and your blog!! Thanks for checking us out!! xo

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