Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fun Find: French Macarons

Look what I found!! ... a few days ago I went to Staples for a few supplies, next door there's a brand new Trader Joe's store, and it caught my eye because it was super dinner time? so I went in...and I found lots and lots of goodies, but the one that impressed me the most were these cute French Macarons in the frozen department.

Believe me I'm not a frozen food gal, but
the fact that I have French Macarons right in front of me ready to be eaten! I couldn't resist it  :D

This is how the box looks like, flat and small. Comes with 12 French Macarons (6 vanilla // 6 chocolate). Follow the instructions and your done. I eat the whole box by myself (that's right!) they were incredibly addictive LOL - my favorite flavor was vanilla, it tasted like ice cream while still coldish!

This is a great find for those of you that are afraid of getting into the macaron world, don't need to bake!...only bad news is that you won't find them in any other colors :(

So if you have a dinner with friends, this is def a treat!



Fred said...

Macarons are so hard to make! The best are made with butter cream or ganache, no jam or jelly!

FunFavors said...


The vanilla ones are made with vanilla buttercream and the chocolate ones with ganache!..but I believe it was a bit dark chocolate.


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