Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Favorite Etsy Shop

Hi there!! Get to know one of my favorite clothing shops on Etsy, comgy yet fabulous:)
Meet Samya and her cool shop!

*Why did you opened your Etsy shop?
I opened my Etsy shop because my girlfriend had a shop on Etsy, and she raved about it- at the time I had my own website and so I was resistant at first...I didn't know much about Etsy and just kind of brushed her off. I did get on and set up an account but then I just forgot about it and never bothered to find out what Etsy was all about. About a year later I was complaining about how slow my business was and how hard it was to promote without paying tons of money for advertising. My girlfriend reminded me about Etsy, and for some reason this time I was able to get over myself and realize that I really did need Etsy...I knew I had an amazing product, and I finally admitted to myself that I NEEDED Etsy. So she gave me several pointers and walked me through opening up my shop at the end of October '08. I will tell you, people ask me all the time what the turning point in my business was...when I went from surviving to beyond thriving, and I tell everyone- it was when I started selling on Etsy. My business literally *exploded*, every aspect of it, when I opened my Etsy shop. I am so extremely thankful and loyal to Etsy...the administration has taken a liking to my shop too and has really promoted my clothing, and that blessing is invaluable!

*What's your best seller?
My best selling item changes with the seasons...first it was my MOMMY burnouts, then my TEAM EDWARD and TEAM JACOB baseball burnouts, then my RUN BABY RUN shirts, and right now it's my HEY BATTER BATTER burnouts!
*What makes it a great buy?
All of my products are a great buy because they're made one at a time, by hand, when you order them. So say you want a cool shirt that says MOMMY on it, if you come to my shop you get to pick the style of burnout you want, the color of burnout you want, and the color of ink you want! So essentially each t-shirt is one of a kind. Not to mention the quality and the way you feel when you wear my tees...I always say that my tshirts are for women who are way too delicious for tshirts! 
*My Pick*
I love this word says it all :)


Guess what!!, you will get FREE shipping on any purchase you make when you mention this post to Samya!! 




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