Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Crafty Tuesday: Slipper Cookies

Here's a super cute crafty idea for Mother's Day, imagine your mom waking up to this pair of slippers!!!

They're super simple to make, and they will make you look great...what a fancy treat!!

  • 2 halves of an oval sandwich cookie
  • 1 doughnut hole
  • frosting
  • shredded coconut tinted with red food coloring
  • pink decorators' gel

  1. To make a pair, first separate the 2 halves of an oval sandwich cookie (we used a Cameo) and remove the filling with a butter knife.
  2. Next, slice a doughnut hole into thirds. Coat the rounded sides of the 2 end pieces with frosting (you can eat the middle piece), then roll them in shredded coconut tinted with red food coloring to create a pair of fuzzy slipper tops.
  3. Use a dab of frosting to stick each slipper top to a cookie sole, then adorn the edges of the cookies with pink decorators' gel stitching.

This and more ideas can be found at Family Fun

Be creative.Enjoy!!



Brittanie said...

Ive seen these and they are adorable!
I also sawa version that was a cake.. I think they used a frozen pound cake and cut it in half, then shaped in a little and then added hostess snow balls and some decorations! Cute for mothers day!

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