Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Favorite Etsy Shop

featuring The Clack House

Meet Chasity a very talented gal with a really cute shop!! She has an awesome variety of scents all year round, it's just like a bakery shop...check her eye candy products and learn a little bit about her :)

*Why did you open your Etsy shop?
Actually Ebay was where I got my start in online sales. I was lurking in their forums one day and came across a post that mentioned Etsy. I figured I would give it shot considering the old saying "Don't keep your eggs in one basket". And I am soooo glad I did! After about 6 months on Etsy I completely ditched Ebay and moved my entire inventory here. I love it!! It is such a unique venue to be apart of. Everyone here is so helpful and the items you find here are so much more meaningful and creative!

*What's your best seller?
I would say my best seller is Our "Yummy PINK SUGAR CUPCAKES Wax Tart Melts". They were created during February for Valentine's Day, but they keep flying off the shelves! I decided to keep them as a permanent item. 

*What makes it a great buy?
They smell divine! And most of my buyers say they are def eye candy..sweet, frosted and pink! What more could you ask for?! Each order is complete with 6 cakes and are almost as big as votive candles! A real treat sure to satisfy your sweet tooth..I mean nose!=)

*My Pick*
This set of yummy coconut cupcakes!!! Love everything coconut :)

Chasity is so sweet she's giving a 10% discount to all of you readers!! All you have to do is to enter "FunFavors" in the discount code box at checkout :)

Great for Mother's Day gifts!!




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