Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday Party: Old Hollywood Backyard Movie Night

Do you love movies? Me too!! So this party really makes my heart go back to the place I grew up ;) ... I'm such a movie junkie  and so are my the point that we used to go on Premier night and on 2x1 day as well!! All of us always together on our twice a week rituals: dinner, movies and then chi-chat about it!! def the best times a single girl could have...but then we all grew up, moved out and got married!! you know how it works right!? :D

Here's a beautiful Movie Night gathering via CAKE.  and if I ever get to put together all of my girlfriends in the same town I will want it to be just like this one! Love it, love it, loveee it!!

So get your friends together and plan yours...
it will be so much fun!



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