Monday, September 19, 2011


This weekend I had a mini Fiesta party to celebrate Mexican Independence Day!  and of course...I made some yummy cupcakes and sweets, pull together a quick table setting and enjoy ground turkey nachos with my family :) it was so much fun!!

If you're thinking of a MexicanFiesta party on your a few tips for you to make it special...

Add lots of color! I used circular fans as part of my dessert table background that I found at my local party store.

I made Margaritas cupcakes! and added a mini 
sugar cookie in a lime shape ;)

Also embellished them with one of my cake banners.

Dance, Smile and Celebrate!

Everyone's favorite was this mini pinata cookie that was actually hanging at this dessert table! ready to go :D inspired on the real pinata I bought to decorate this table!

This pinata donkey is so sweet!, but you can use just about any pinata...I picked this one because I love the colors on it and I went from there to decorate this table.

For our dinner table I when with brown craft paper I had from previous projects and use blue thick card stock as place settings...made them prettier with a paper puncher from Martha Stewart's line and they came up with a "papel picado" look which fit perfect on my Fiesta!

I added lots of matching color ribbons to our playful glasses and they became part of the decor instantly ;)

My table centerpiece was a metal bucket that I filled up with green paper shreds a "Viva Mexico" banner and a Mexican flag, place on top of a Mexico theme book.



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