Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oh so Chic Spa Party!

Hi there! Have great pics to share with you, one of my lovely customers was sweet enough to share them with me and since I really think her party was amazing...let's show them off!

Justine contacted me a few months ago and placed an order for some Mini Donuts for her daughter's Spa Party...little did I know that it will be at a real salon! how cool is that :)

The celebration was this past weekend...I made the delivery myself and was so happy to see the creativity that went into putting this fun Spa Party together!

And the colors were right on...Hot Pink & Hot Orange

Check out the beautiful decor!! Love it :)
Mini Donuts by FunFavors!
That's the Bday Girl! Oh so cute ♥
VIP all the way!
It looks like everyone was having a blast!

Thanks for sharing these awesome pics Justine!!




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