Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mason Jars & Pumpkin Picking

This weekend was really fun. My fiance and I went to visit his College (I finally got to see this place he always remembers with great joy. He graduated about 5 years ago). This was  a good hour away from home, it was a beautiful sunny, cool fall day...I took some pics of 2 great places you should def check out if in Jersey!

After finishing touring around the campus he took me to the "Mason Jar" restaurant (he knows how much I love mason jars and to decor with them) I was surprise to find out there was such place!

You get to sip out of mason jars...how lovely :)

We enjoyed Memphis style sweet & spicy ribs!

Then on our way home we noticed this beautiful venue called "The Wards" on the side of the road with lots of pumpkins...so we stopped by...

They had the best decor and selection...this was my very 1st time going Pumpkin Picking...I loved it!!
 That's me trying to hug the biggest pumpkin ever! I was shocked to find out it was real :)

Cute ideas for non-carvers like me !




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