Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Candy Apples

Have you ever try making caramel chocolate covered apples? Is easier than it sounds!!

My fiance and I had a bunch of apples from apple picking and is only the 2 of us at home, I didn't want them to go bad, so I went around looking for recipes and ideas... that's when I came across a super easy to use "caramel apple kit" at my local supermarket.

We made beautiful candy apples in less than an hour from start to finish and they tasted great!

Here's what you will need:

1 Caramel Apple Wrap Kit, covers 5 apples (only $2.50 at my local shop, it comes with sticks too!)
Melting chocolate chips (any color you want)
Candy - I use Candy Corn, but you can use M&M's or your favorite candy
Wax paper (for easy clean ups) 
Small Tray

What to do:

Wash your apples and dry them well. Take your caramel wraps from package and cover each apple all around individually. Follow the instructions on the package, we used the microwave. Place apple in microwave for about 15 seconds, this will warm up the caramel and will help you mold the caramel a little bit better. Use sticks inside the package and insert them in each apple.

Let apples cool off for a few minutes. In the meantime, you can start melting the chocolate that will cover each apple in the safe microwave container. Make sure you follow directions for your melting chocolate. We use orange, chocolate and white. Depending on how deep your chocolate bowl is you can dip each apple to cover it into the bowl or use a spoon and go around the apple. Once is covered completely, sit the apple on top of a small tray cover with wax paper and start decorating with your candy of choice. 
 When finish place the apples in the freezer for about 10 minutes to make sure your apples are completely done. Now you can drizzle them with chocolate and sprinkles for a more fun look!

* If you're not planning on eating them right away, wrap them in clear cello bags. they will last longer*

Try it. Enjoy!!

We had a Halloween Party this weekend. These Candy Apples were a great Hostess gift!!



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