Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July - National Ice Cream month

Really?? Do we really need an excuse to enjoy ice cream :)
I think I like almost all favorite one is Pistachio!! and my least favorite one.. (I know hard to believe) will be Mint Chocolate Chips flavor...actually I have a history with Mint Chocolate Chip ice day after a long day at work, I can home and when opened the freezer looking for something to eat...I saw this ice-cream cartoon with a beautiful and inviting "soft green" picture on the front...just like Pistachio ice cream should have...I knew I didn't have pistachio ice cream waiting for me before...but also I knew that my boyfriend went to do groceries all by himself!...I guess my brain went into a comma, and just wanted to believe whatever I wanted to believe and I made myself a big jar of ice cream (LOL) went to the TV, sat and  have the most awful encounter with ice cream I had ever have :(  (sorry but to me mint and chocolate don't mix together)...until this day, my BF still teases me whenever we see a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream around!

my reaction: OOOOOOMGGGG!!! Why do you do this to me?

his reaction: What? ...oh man, don't waste my precious ice cream!!
I didn't know you wanted ice cream!!

True Story


Here some great Ice Cream theme stuff to have this summer!!

 Ice Cream Topper Carousel 




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