Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday Parties: Sushi & Tea

Last week I had a mini soiree with some of my girlfriends to celebrate my 30th birthday!

We had some sushi, tea and mimosas all things that make me truly happy!

I ordered sushi from my local favorite sushi place ;) and also picked up a bunch of delicious finger foods like gourmet cheeses, hummus and veggie cups...made a veggie friendly station and a mini bar station...had some games going and all in all had a great time catching up and laughing it all with some great friends...

 Desserts: Sushi sugar cookies, Sushi Marshmallow pops and Coconut Macaroons!

Our yummy Marshmallow pops displayed on our pretty cake pop stands by Adonis Displays



RoseMarie said...

Love those sushi marshmallow pops! Pinned!

stark Tony said...

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