Monday, August 1, 2011

Birthday Cake {Phillies, Eagles & Mustang Cars}

This was my first cake made for a sports loving guy!!...I was so excited because I usually make cakes for kids under this was a bit of a challenge... although cakes are fun and playful I wanted this cake to match his personality and also have a little bit of a grown up feel...after all it was for a 31 year old!!

I was told that the bday boy wanted a brownie cake with vanilla buttercream... and that he loves the Phillies, Eagles and Mustangs...
And this is what I came out with:
 I made a mini silver mustang out of fondant, built in a hill out of brownie and created a scene for him to go on a nice Phillies game night {since it's baseball season}...covered the brownie in vanilla buttercream grass and set a few billboards here and there made out of sugar cookies and edible images... I had a lot of fun putting it together and I hope Matt and his wife enjoyed it!

Congratulations Matt!!



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