Monday, March 7, 2011

DIY Polka Dot Centerpieces

Playful Polka Dot Centerpieces

You need:
(for making 1)

♥ 2 baking cups. I used orange with white polka dots.
♥ Glue stick
♥ 1 bamboo stick (9")
♥ Ribbons
♥ Card stock
♥ 1 small glass
♥ Candy to use as filling. I used gum drops.

What to to:

♥ Open up the baking cups to form a flat circle.
♥ Add glue to the bamboo stick and paste it to one of the baking cups (pattern facing out).
♥ Glue the 2 baking cups to each other allowing the design to be on the outside. It will form a lollipop as shown in picture above.
♥ Type any msg on the card stock, print it and cut out 2" circles. 
♥ Paste the cut out circles in front and back center of your centerpiece.
♥ Cut 8" long ribbon strips and tie them near the baking cups (I used 3 different colors).
♥ Fill glass jar with candy and stick the bamboo stick on it.

♥ Enjoy ♥


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