Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Wedding: An Old World Circus Wedding

I'm dying over this wedding featured at 100 Layer much that I kind of want to change my theme for this one! (Fiance: if you're reading know I'm only joking right?!)...really, I can't... invites are sent and I'm only 2 months away :)

 This wedding was put together by the entire sweet is that (a really creative and stylish family may I add) ...The details are incredible and you're going to flip when you read that everything, really everything was handmade!... As described by Clarissa (Sister of the Groom):

“This wedding was SUCH a labor of love for our family. It took a year and a half of blood sweat and tears to get it done…seriously everything was custom made – the dress, the benches, the ceremony backdrop, the linens, the games, the signs, the bridge, the dancefloor lining, the electrical rigging/light installation etc. Every vase and decor piece was either found in missouri or brought in from LA by me… its a one of a kinder!”

For now let's just enjoy the pictures!


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