Tuesday, September 7, 2010

DIY: Cupcake Liner Pom Poms

Create these beautiful cupcake liner pom poms for your next party! They are gorgeous.

I found this easy DYI tutorial at How Does She, you must def check out all the great tips they share on this site :)

*You will need:

Step One:

Insert finger into cupcake liner and mold it around your finger. This will leave the base of the cupcake liner rounded (visible in the second photo).

Step Two:

Add a tiny dot of hot glue onto the middle of the rounded base (created in step one).

Step Three:

Press the cupcake liner onto the foam ball. Hold for a few seconds.

Step Four:

Press the cupcake liner together and reshape it so it does not flare outward. 

Step Five:

Place the cupcake liners in close proximity to each-other. Should look something this this… 

Step Six:

Continue gluing liners on the ball until it is completely covered. Voila! Finished! 

White pom-pom: average-sized cupcake liners
Colored pom-pom: mini cupcake liners
It took about 100 mini liners and 40 average-sized liners to cover a 10 inch (diameter) ball. The amount of liners needed will vary depending on how you wish to space them on the ball.



justabitedesserts said...

That is just darling! So many great cupcake liners out there these days! Thanks for sharing this great little DIY! I just might go get that glue gun! :)

gina said...

Cute! Thanks for sharing!

ifrah said...

lovely!! Thanks for sharing.

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