Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day Sweets

Desserts that your friends and family will love this weekend!!!

Cream Cheese dipped strawberries

Whipped cream strawberries and blueberries

Flag cupcakes

Flag Cake cake0rdeath

Have a great time this weekend!!



Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Recycled Bride???

Have you heard about this site?

While browsing around the other day I found about this site!! it's fab...all of you brides must go and check it can buy and sell from other brides, tons of ideas ... Recycled Bride is a free listing service that connects buyers and sellers of all things wedding-related.

Have fun. Enjoy!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sampler Village boxes on sale now!!

One more way to love and support Etsy shops!! Get a sampler box today, you will get at least 15 samples in the small box!!

Have fun.Enjoy.Share!!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Monogram Painted Hammer

Look what a great craft/gift for Father's Day I found!! a monogram hummer for dad ...and it will be made by you (this is great for the kids!!)

What you'll need:

  • 1 wood handled hammer
  • Sand paper
  • Acrylic paints, any colors plus white
  • Paintbrushes
  • Black fine point marker
  • Clear acrylic glaze or sealer

How to make it:

  1. Sand the wood handle of the hammer to rough up any coating that may have been added. Paint one side of the wooden handle white. Once it's dry, paint the other side white. (See photo.)
  2. Decorate the rest of the hammer in whatever fashion you like! You will need to paint one side, let it dry, and then paint the other side. Let dry completely. (See photo 1, 2.)
  3. Use a black fine point marker to add any details, such as outlines. It's important to let the marker dry for a good 30 minutes; otherwise your sealer may cause the marker ink to bleed.
  4. To monogram the hammer, paint the first letter of dad's name toward the bottom of the handle (T for Tom, B for Bob, etc). (See photo.)
  5. In a well ventilated area, have an adult spray the hammer with a clear sealer or glaze. Let dry and repeat for a second coat. Allow to dry overnight.


  1. This project will require some patience because there's quite a bit of dry time involved. For small children, a coat of white and a few different colors of finger painting or brush painting is usually fine. For older kids, they may want to be more intricate, adding stripes, lines, and polka dots. Just be sure to allow dry time for each layer.
  2. You can get cheap hammers at the dollar store.
  3. You can speed up the process of this project by sanding the hammer and painting it white ahead of time and just allowing kids to decorate.
  4. Crayons or markers are also an alternative to paint! Have kids color directly on the white painted surface, and then spray with sealer afterward.     Be creative.Enjoy!!                                                           

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sex and the City 2....

Only 9 days away for the release of this highly anticipated movie!! can you believe that...I guess we'll just have to have a party, here some of the fun sweets I found that will go great at your cocktail party right before the movie.

Cake and cupcake tower by Taras Cupcakes

Sex and The City Cupcakes find them at my zen cupcake

 Fun Stilettos by FunFavors

 Luxurious face candy :)



Friday, May 14, 2010

May - National Hamburger Month

Don't feel bad about having a hamburger, forget about summer is around the corner :) and celebrate MAY is national Hamburger month!!! is that cool...any excuse to enjoy one I'll take (LOL)

My favorite is the L.A. burger at Bobby's Palace, by Bobby Flay... (tastes like a mexican burger to me!!)

Cupcake burgers...are they cute or what?

Beautiful Hamburger Cake -Canadians live in igloos


Thursday, May 13, 2010

What's New at FunFavors

Lots of dates to celebrate coming up soon...Graduations, Father's Day and of course wedding season!!

Check the new Party Kits on my shop, oh so cute!! will help you decor your special occasion in not time!!

Kit includes: 1 set of cupcake toppers (12) and 1 set of matching drink flags (20)

Super Cute set for Father's Day....cupcake toppers delivering some touching words!!
*I Love Dad*My Dad is my Hero*Dad is my Best Friend*

2nd Father's Day collection... cupcake toppers msgs: #1 Dad and "Happy Father's Day"

For the Bride...Something Blue collection - an assortment of traditional msgs like Something Blue, Something Old, Something New and Something Borrowed, perfect for your bridal shower!!

You can find these kits and more at FunFavors for only $14.00 ea.


FunFavors Craft Fair!

1st ever Craft Fair for FunFavors!!! excited ans so busy making paper goods...Please come and visit Saturday May 15.2010 from 10am to 3 pm at St. Joseph Fields, Corner of Whitty & Old Freehold Roads, in Toms River, NJ

Will be a Craft Fair for all the family and showcasing all types of cars!!

Everything for your next party!! cupcake toppers, drink flags, baking cups, banners...

See you there!!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

Wish you a great day with your loved ones!!!


Friday, May 7, 2010


Starbucks has come out with a new product "sort of speak"...our always yummy Frappuccino has being improved!!! and you can create your own Starbucks is offering a "Happy Hour" Special - half price from now until May 16.

Happy Hour between 3-5pm!!!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day desserts

This Sunday is Mother's Day in most of the countries, in Mexico will fall on Monday this year, so you still have time to pull off one of these sweet treats for your dear mom!!

 Teapot Garden cupcake for the mom that likes gardening

Tattoo cupcake for the rocker mom - rkbcupcakes

Miss Fahionista cookies for the mom with style - FunFavors

Seashells cake for the mom that enjoys the beach - Cake Central

Be creative. Enjoy!!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Feliz 5 de Mayo

Growing up (mexican family - mexican traditions) I don't remember ever celebrating 5 de Mayo...people in America for the most part think is our Independence Day... sorry to disappoint you !! This is the day when Mexico won a battle to the French military in the Battle of Puebla....let's just stop there, and say what a great excuse to have a party involving the Mexican culture!! Salud !!! (cheers!!!)

If you're planning on a Mexican party, this will get you going in a second!!

Appetizer: Salsa Pico de Gallo 

Entry: Fajitas

Drink: Margaritas!! love them in all flavors :)

Dessert: Churros

Entertainment: Pinatas!



Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Crafty Tuesday: Painted Coffee Mug for Mom

There's still time people for some DIY love for mom!!

Go to the craft shop this week and get this simple materials and express yourself :)

You will need:

white coffee mug
*acrylic enamel paints in your favorite colors
*paint brush

* use FolkArt Enamels™ and found them at Michael's Craft Store in the acrylic paint aisle.

What to do:

Wash and dry mug completely.

Paint design on coffee mug. We didn't use a pattern, simply freehand your design on the cup. 

Air dry for one hour. Place in cool, oven, heat to 350 F, and bake for 30 minutes. Turn oven off and let cool down completely. Remove from oven.

Wash on top dishwasher rack or by hand.

Be creative.Have fun!!


Mother's Day Giveaway winner is...


That cocktail drinks sounds like lots of fun :)

**Thank you to Libbie as well for sharing such great cupcake and cocktail combination!**

Keep in touch for more giveaway coming soon for Father's Day


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